The 80/20 Website Review

A short, sweet and powerful session that gets you unstuck and moving towards your goals by giving you the basics of what you need to do to turn things around in a flash using the resources already at your fingertips.

Time to get clarity on what is holding you back

You are totally committed to your business, and feel like you are doing all the right things.

Maybe you spent a fortune on systems, products, coaching and courses.

You keep creating content, showing up, promoting your work.

It’s hard to watch conversions and sales go at snail pace in spite of your best efforts.

Why are people not that into your offer?

Learn all the reasons why with my audit report for your website, social media, email campaigns and other online presence.

Clarity + Direction

I help you set up a plan to move forward and make easy changes for maximum impact using the 80/20 rule.

Super Budget Friendly

You will be able to implement using your existing tools without spending another dollar if that is what works for you!

Your Investment


Here is what my clients say

Eliza was great in getting my website launch ready. She made sure I was truly happy with my site and also gave great advice and taught me how to maintain it as well. I am confident in launching my site for the world to see.
Marina Miranda
Party Jems Chicago

Hey Boss Lady! I'm Eliza

I’m all about glossy & quirky style, based on practical order & method.

My aim is to help you work smarter, not harder.

I want you to feel taken care of, more calm & collected as we sort the tech out.

I get that being an entrepreneur can be hard sometimes. Especially when you feel unseen or a bit lost.

I went from head in the clouds, naive girl with romantic ideas and total underdog to working in Aberdeen, Scotland for a Big 4 financial services firm.

That’s where I started working a lot on the tech side, deep diving into content management online systems.

I soon realised that websites alone are no longer enough in today’s interactive marketing world.  

I  came up with a bright, cheerful process to ease your way through the world of online business.

I will treat you like a business bestie! Take you by the hand, show you the way, keep you from pitfalls and reveal behind the scenes secrets.

How it works

We jump on a quick discovery call, you fill me in about your business.

You send me all the links and I do industry & market research.

No extra questionnaires required!

We set a call date (no more than a week later from the first call) & you get a complete business review during our call.

Deliverables for You to Take Away: Call recording (max 2h) + Business Audit Report + Custom Action Plan

Accountability & Support – You can have access me via chat/email weekly check in (for 12 weeks)+ extra advice as you go along & implement the plan

Custom Trello/Asana board to keep you on track (or a nice Google Doc if you really can’t stand Trello or Asana)


Get on the fast lane to website freedom