Right now, are you ...

Struggling to get your business off the ground?

Trying out different strategies but never sticking to one before moving on to something else, as you are not seeing results to match the effort, time and energy you put in?

Hustling with little control over your day, putting in long hours to get your business up and running?

In the dark about what it really takes to be a high level CEO, not just a freelancer?

Checking out the top influencers in your industry or just browsing through Instagram and Pinterest and left wondering “How do they do it” ?

Spending all your time on putting out fires and serving your existing clients or maybe you’re still working a few other jobs, so that you are left with little time and low energy for your dream business?

You made lots of plans & vision boards, but soon had to drop them all together as soon as real life challenges came your way?

You’re in the right place!

Give me 1-2 hours, 5 days a week for 3 weeks and I will show you a customised business path that is customised for you and only you!

My mission is to make business strategy simple to implement and make your daily business life easy.

I created Made for Profit Design for female entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by all the courses and marketing strategies they tried and failed to keep up with.

I want to help you build a solid business foundation that integrates and fits smoothly into your daily life and that gives you the space, time and energy to create your best work.

collaboration for business design

Nothing we do is generic, paint by the numbers or copy/paste, everything is highly customised and intended for you and no one else in the online business space.

You need process & systems in place

We set up your workflows, so you know what needs to be done, how many projects you have going on, what is coming up, what tasks you need to do now & next. You will be super organised in a way that's unique to your personality.

organised for business design

By working with me, you get clarity over these 3 essential components to business development:
Effective systems to fit your business life
Make space for your best work
Design your journey to profit

having trouble taking consistent action?

I have the solution! Track & analyse and set new habits and routines to improve your business and elevate your lifestyle so you can enjoy the rich life without waiting to reach your target income level.

WhO will you work with?

I’m Eliza, a tech & operations expert for creative entrepreneurs who are new to the online business space.

I help you unlock your full creative business potential through the power of project management, tech systems and workflows.

My background is in computer programming, business research and international corporate finance.

I have assessed and reviewed behind the scenes tech & operational systems of hundreds of companies worldwide.

From the world’s leading multinational companies to start ups, from family businesses and governments to charities and private individuals just like you, I have gained insight and deep perspective on what it takes to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace.



What You Get

Customised business action plan

Broken down to simple, easy steps, with full detail behind each point of action, so there is no reason not to execute each step!

I will set up Asana/Trello/other project management boards so you are never left guessing on where you are, what the big picture is and what needs to happen next.

Life and habits plan

First 21 days as a CEO – this works as long as you are at your best, peak performance – can’t ignore this area.

Breaking down your industry

I uncover and translate the latest trends in the tech/online business space so you can decide what to use right now, what to shortlist and what to forget about without any FOMO.

Roadmaps, blueprints and templates

Personalised and customised for your benefit, nothing generic here.

Accountability & check in

Flexible to match your work schedule – we will agree on the best ways to do this – via phone, Skype, email, chat messaging etc

Troubleshooting systems & tech support

 As a tech expert and certified web designer I can answer your questions with enough detail so you can fully understand the big picture, and never overwhelmed with jargon.

Weekly review

All business areas performance will be analysed & explained in order to track your progress and know what to do next.


3 weeks transition period support

  •  “all about the business review week” +
  • “open for business week” +
  • 1 customised themed week based on your specific circumstances