Sales Systems Start Up

Yes, you can do it yourself on a budget !

A perfect combination of strategy, support, training and accountability.

Get the help you need in achieving your goals

Don’t have ’000s to spend?

Sick of not getting ahead with freebies, Pinterest, blog posts and FB groups?

Not seeing results and not sure what is the root cause?

Feeling guilty for not being able to keep up with marketing & promotion?

Wondering how to balance #allthethings and still make a profit?

When you can’t see the road ahead, you can’t move forward.

The problem is …..

You’re too close to your business

I will give you solid advice that you will be able to take away & implement without spending another dollar!

How it works

I Get to know your business

We jump on a quick discovery call and you fill me in about your business.

No extra questionnaires required!

We set a call date (no more than a week later from the first call) & you get a complete business consultation.

what you get

Deliverables for You to Take Away: Call recording (max 2h) + Business Audit Report + Custom Action Plan

Accountability & Support – Email weekly check in (for 12 weeks)+ extra advice as you go along & implement the plan

Custom Trello/Asana board to keep you on track (or a nice Google Doc if you really can’t stand Trello or Asana)

Special offer

Sales System Start Up


What People say

What I like about Eliza is she is sensitive to detail and diligent in making her client happy. With her passion for technology I see her as one of the top leading females in her industry and can vouch for her work ethics anytime because she delivers her integrity with excellence.

Lola Coker Oni Cosmopolitan Empire Concierge 

Key Features


Business review

Full Audit of your website, social media, email campaigns (if you have them in place)


Strategy & Plan

Everything analysed & accounted for, from the big picture to the details that make all the difference


Focus on the Essentials

Objective answers to the key questions: Why am I not seeing growth? ; Why are people not that into my offer?