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time management

Most CEOs have executive assistants and other employees to gatekeep their time. How much do you think your time is worth? Have you tried a lot of productivity tricks & tips that did not deliver? Time to look at some fresh perpectives on this topic.

finance strategy

You can’t ignore the numbers if you are serious about making a full time income with your business. Many new business owners get caught up in vanity metrics. I will teach you what to focus on, what to stop stressing about.

achieving your goals

Are you always making resolutions or goals for your business? The problem is when you don’t have a clear step by step system to follow through, you are the whole system.  So your reality in this situation is you have to work twice as hard and twice as long as you lack the proper support. I will show you what that looks like even if you are a solopreneur just starting out.

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