My mission is to simplify your business life

I help you get things done like a boss

Hey I’m Eliza!

I can help you unlock your full creative business potential through the power of project management, tech systems and workflows.

I started life as a creative, head in the clouds nerdy girl, ready to follow the family tradition of teaching and academic research.

Then I went to study corporate finance in Scotland and got a position with a top 10 international financial services firm.

I had high level management access to go behind the scenes of hundreds of companies, from top performers listed on the stock exchange to private owned businesses and small ambitious startups.

So I know exactly what it takes to set up solid operations, from business planning, getting the right things done in the right order, to implementing the best tech systems.

My new priorities in life are my health, family, a dream travel list and space to unleash all my creative imagination.  

Professionally, I want to provide guidance and support for women who are struggling with setting up and keeping up with their online business.


Eliza , owner of Made for Profit Design

Struggling to get your business off the ground? Are  you always trying to implement new strategies but you are still stuck and overwhelmed? 

The Business Builder is a 3 week, one on one full on support intensive for creative business owners looking for a fresh start, with guidance every step of the way.



Joy  Harmony  Stability  Authenticity  Achievement  Mastery


  • Take action first, and clarity will follow
  • Work ethic is more important than talent
  • Breaking out of your bad habits cycle is key to success
  • Change is messy and it hurts until you come out on the other end
  • Life throws curve balls, you need to have plan B options ready