The 21 Day Website Intensive

Are you lost in the nitty gritty details instead of sharing your story and growing your tribe? In this done for you all inclusive service, I help you build your online platform the smart & fast way and you will be able to look on the bright side of tech once I’m done. 

systems ready for business design

time to stand out & shine online


You are the best kept secret to your clients and you want to make the same impact online.

You’ve been taking great courses and coaching, but failed to implement consistently so far.

It feels like you have some puzzle pieces, but most of them are missing in action.

You keep waiting for your schedule to clear up, but it’s been months since you last logged into your site.


Cover the Essentials

Branding & Visuals

Sales & Email Funnels

Email Marketing Set Up

Opt In Incentives

roadmap to business design
systems for business design

Bonus Items

Social Media Strategy

How to Maintain Your System

Client Process Design

Launch Planning

Your only task is to make the final choices #likeaboss

Enjoy the ride while I do the heavy lifting around setting up systems & tech support.

organised for business design

Your Investment - Payment Plan Available


This is what my clients say

Eliza was great in getting my website launch ready. She made sure I was truly happy with my site and also gave great advice and taught me how to maintain it as well. I am confident in launching my site for the world to see.
one happy Made for Profit Design client
Marina Miranda
Party Jems
Eliza , owner of Made for Profit Design

Hey Boss Lady! I'm Eliza

I’m all about glossy & quirky style, based on practical order & method.

My aim is to help you work smarter, not harder.

I want you to feel taken care of, more calm & collected as we sort the tech out.

I get that being an entrepreneur can be hard sometimes. Especially when you feel unseen or a bit lost.

I went from head in the clouds, naive girl with romantic ideas and total underdog to working in Aberdeen, Scotland for a Big 4 financial services firm.

That’s where I started working a lot on the tech side, deep diving into content management online systems.

I soon realised that websites alone are no longer enough in today’s interactive marketing world.  

I have a bright, cheerful process to ease your way through the world of online business.

I will treat you like a business bestie! Take you by the hand, show you the way, keep you from pitfalls and reveal behind the scenes secrets.

Sweet Benefits To Working With Me 


Go at your own pace & chill

No feeling of FOMO and being left behind. I want this experience to concentrate & focus your efforts, I won’t let you burn out on my watch!

You are in control

I am transparent about what both the big picture and the details. You will never be in doubt about I do, why I do it and how it all works. And I want you to be happy, it’s your business and I am here to help you execute and put things in place so that you are saved a ton of trouble down the line.

Save time (and time is money)

I take off the low value (for you), boring and annoying tasks off your plate. And make them easier to manage and apply going forward. Your drop, do, delegate decision making will be much easier after we wrap up.

Ready to face any tech challenge 

You get all the power through easy to digest info that is practical for your specific situation. And I am still available to support you with aftercare. In case things tangle up for whatever reasons, I am one chat/email away.

Fall in love with your business again and refuel your passion 

That’s why I do my research. I give you fresh perspective and ideas inspired by the best in your industry to help your business get ahead of the game.

Confident the results are coming soon 

There are no guarantees, that’s why everyone has disclaimers! What I can promise is we will kill confusion, uncertainty and overwhelm and make your business plan wonderfully clear. You will have a solid strategy to navigate the road ahead and be able to jump over any obstacles. Plus, I will be one email/chat box away should you need guidance & extra support.

Also ….

My service is tailored to your needs and circumstances. You can even put it on hold if life gets too busy and we can pick up where we left off at your convenience.

How it works

Week 1

Once we sign the contract, we are off with a bang!

You fill in a detailed client questionnaire, we have our kick off session at a time that suits you best.

I’d recommend you have 80% of your content ready. Leave 20% room for flexibility but don’t leave the bulk of it to last minute.

You give me access to all your apps & assets. As required, I will advise on other purchases and make sure they fit your budget and specific needs.

I do market research for your industry, looking at both the consumer and competitor side of the story, to make sure your understanding of your ideal client checks out. This is how we achieve a solid foundation for our work.

We end the week with me delivering the website & system framework and a first draft of the branding visuals.

We make sure we are on the same page on our first working live video call.

Week 2

This is when I put the building blocks together and build you a strategic website based on great user experience.

I perfect the brand visuals and website aesthetic so it matches your expectations and deepest desires.

We collaborate via Asana/Trello/Google Docs to make sure everything is on point.

We will have 1-2 calls this week, this gives you insight into what is behind the scenes.

No wasted time with emails & back on forth instructions.

You get to be in the drivers seat and direct my work on the live calls.

Week 3

Time for integration & the finishing touches.

We will hook up your website to the world, including setting up email campaign and a simple sales funnel.

We have 2 more calls this week.

Connecting the pieces will give you greater insight into your tech system workings.

I will make sure to address everything from the user perspective and close any gaps.

I test everything a few times so there are no surprises and victory is near, it’s time to celebrate!

Working with me is for you IF…


Your business is guided by a strong set of values.

You don’t know where to start in terms of business priorities.

You need guidance and support to stay focused and motivated.

You have plenty of ideas but have trouble launching them to market.

You genuinely care about helping your potential clients live their best life.

You don’t have much time, you have a full time job and other commitments.

You welcome having a new quirky business bestie (that would be yours truly).

You feel like you’re too close to your message to be able to see the big picture.

You are ready to put in the work, but can’t decide on the best plan to carry out.

You enjoy collaboration and developing ideas into functional services/products.

You enjoy discovering new techniques you can use to maintain your sales system.

Working with me is NOT for you IF…


You have a very vague idea of what your business is about.

You think you have nothing more to learn about online business.

You’re not ready to take responsibility for making your business profitable.

You don’t believe fun & playfulness is appropriate in a business collaboration of this kind.

You’re not open to improving your offers or experimenting with new suggestions or methods.

You’re looking for a quick fix. My process works on the basis that the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

You are already crystal clear on everything you want. You’re just looking for someone to execute your vision to the letter. Hiring a VA or freelancer will be a better fit for you.

Start the Road to Website Freedom