Your Daily Business Life Can Be Easy!

I Help You Find the Best Ways for You To Focus & Get Things Done

Eliza is a business consultant of difference. She is innovative and productive.

What I like most about her is she is sensitive to detail and diligent in making her client happy. With her passion for technology I see her as one of the top leading females in her industry and can vouch for her work ethics anytime because she delivers integrity with excellence.

Lola Coker Oni – Cosmopolitan Empire Concierge

can you relate to these statements?

Hustling with little flow, putting in long hours to get your business up and running, but things are just not coming together from vision board to IRL?

In the dark about what it really takes to be a high level CEO, not just a freelancer?

Checking out the top influencers in your industry and left wondering “How do they do it” ?

Spending all your time on putting out fires?

Maybe you’re still working a few other jobs, so that you are left with little time and low energy for your dream business?

You’re in the right place!

As part of my work with me, you get clarity over these 3 essential components to business development:
Effective systems to fit your business life

Giving creative women like you the tools to succeed in this fast paced online business world.

systems ready for business design
Make space for your best work

Help you create a business highly focused on your creativity, with less time spend on the admin side while keeping it all running smoothly.

map to business design
Design your journey to profit

Inspire business owners to focus on the solution, instead of being overwhelmed by the problem.

business worries leaving you drained of joy and passion?

Your online business was supposed to bring you more freedom…..but instead you’re tired and spending most of your time trying to chase down new leads & clients?  

I can help you change things around by changing the way you work on a daily basis…

I help you get things done like a top CEO.

Never have to stop, think “what do I do next?” and go into a rabbit hole of Google and Facebook group searches ever again.

I take care of the nitty gritty parts so you can execute, implement and take massive action right now, the best way for you.

It’s time to apply everything you learned in previous programs, courses, books and freebies.

Think of me like a fitness coach, ensuring you execute the right workflows, at the right time, in the right order and frequency.

Or like your business architect, charting the links between processes you already have, must haves for your type of business, addressing weak spots and enhancing the strengths & best features you may have been overlooking.

Even a little like a doctor, I consult you and find out your biz background and history and I pinpoint most likely issues and prescribe solutions and follow up and course correct to get the max benefit and banish those growing business pains.