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Business Strategy, Project Management And Web Design so you can shine online

Is tech overwhelm getting the best of you?

Are you thinking something like this

I’m so sick of fighting my tech systems and  stressing out about the whole thing. Online business was supposed to be easy!

And wistfully wish for a one stop shop solution

I’d want a kick ass website that I can easily manage myself…. an email list and software…something that is stress free to use…

I know how easy it is to get  wrapped up in creating funnels like the best online marketers tell us to, taking tentative steps, then discovering something isn’t right or that you need to spend more on integrations.

Hours later, you are deep into Google research, clicking from tab to tab in the hope the magical easy solution is there.

It all sounded so hopeful, uplifting and simple when you started.

Pretty soon, you are left doubting yourself and your skills.

You’d love to figure this thing out alone, but it’s been months now and you’ve not made much progress. Morale and motivation are running low and you have a very full on life! Family drama, the daily routine to keep on top of, client requests and challenges at work.

Maybe online business is just too hard to crack.

Or maybe it’s time to reframe the question

Is Your Website Working For Your Business ?

You can’t have a website that is just sitting there like a digital brochure no one wants to read, gathering pixel dust and not converting browsers into buyers. 

You need to go back to basics before big growth, scaling and automation become second nature.

So let’s build a sales funnel that  works, simply using your website as the solid foundation. It’s the best place to start!

Here are the 3 key elements to building an online platform.
I can help with the behind the scenes work for each of these vital steps.


It takes 7-13 touch points to turn browsers into buyers

I design for conversion and to maximise every opportunity so you can engage with your people effortlessly & leave a stellar lasting impression.


94% of people don't trust a website based on its design

Content is key for sure and I design visuals that frame your message so that  when it comes to the know, like and trust factor you emerge a winner and don’t get on the wrong side of this statistic.


Email Marketing is key to leading sales

Your website can be the best gateway to the email conversion game. And you don’t need super fancy lead generation tools to start! I create opt ins and landing pages that draw in your perfect customer.

Here are 3 ways I can help you win it online

21 Day Website Intensive

You are intrigued by all the hype around content marketing, sales funnels, conversion optimisation. Very little idea how it works though.

You’re really afraid of going into your website admin area, what if you break anything?

And it’s so hard to decide on your branding. You know what you want, but can’t translate it into visuals.

You wonder how others consistently show up online like a rockstar. What’s their secret weapon?

21 Day Website Coach

You though you had a solid plan, but you’re jumping from task to task not making progress. 

You love the visual branding process, but when it comes to implementing it everything falls out of place and you are stuck fixing one thing, then the other.

You got lots of positive feedback from people, but see little to no interest in your offers.

Let’s see how you can get things back on track.

The 80/20 Website Review

Not seeing results and not sure what is the root cause?

Feeling guilty for not being able to keep up with marketing & promotion?

Wondering how to balance #allthethings and still make a profit?

When you can’t see the road ahead, you can’t move forward.

Let’s add some fresh & clear insights and get rid of your website blocks.

Sweet Testimonials

“Eliza is a web designer of difference. She is innovative and productive. What I like most about her is she is sensitive to detail and diligent in making her client happy. With her passion for technology I see her as one of the top leading females in her industry and can vouch for her work ethics anytime because she delivers her integrity with excellence.”

Lola Coker Oni, Cosmopolitan Empire Concierge

Ready to find out what your website really needs?

Let’s discover the best ways you can boost your online presence and not let the tech bits put you off any longer.

You can shine online even if you’re a sensitive creative who feels shy about self promotion.

I’m Eliza, business consultant + web designer at Made for Profit Design.

I can show you how to build awesome sales systems on your website so you can start to grow your community and fill your client calendar.

I offer a unique combination of strategy + training + execution. Which means I don’t just build your website and then leave you to figure things out. I’m all about creating sales systems that fit your business.

A system that:

– Is easy to set up (and maintain) and doesn’t feel icky

– Makes it simple to take action, even when life gets busy or you don’t feel motivated

– Will move you forward, step-by-step, to a profitable business that brings you great pride & joy

And I’ll be acting as your personal cheerleader every step of the way!

Overnight miracle and quick fix? Not here – I know you’re all about building real relationships with your people.

Support & Accountability? 100% ! I’m here for you, one email & chat away

Eliza , owner of Made for Profit Design

Eliza, Business Consultant & Made for Profit Designer

my work essentials


Get a step-by-step how to manual so you know what areas of your website to focus on. I will be your very own private tutor so you don’t stay on Google for hours!

my work essentials


When you’re too overwhelmed and tired of figuring things out as you go along (even Pinterest isn’t helping!) and hate the sight of your website, I’m here to turn things around!

my work essentials


Under pressure from all sides and just want to get it done already!? My special build it live sessions are here to save the day. I’ll guide you through the stress-free process so you can call the shots with #ladyboss confidence.

Let me help you crush website shame and defeat all your tech & design demons.