Turn Your Website Into Your Profit HQ

Business Strategy, Project Management And Web Design to make you shine online

Is Your Website Working For Your Business ?

If it is not pulling its weight, something needs to change and fast. 

You can’t have it just sitting there, gathering pixel dust and not converting browsers into buyers.

I’m in the middle of rebranding & rebuilding my own website, here is just a teaser of what I can do for you.

If you want more details, contact me at eliza@madeforprofitdesign.com


If you need not only one time help, but a clear how to guide and manual for the tasks you need to take on yourself, I can be your very own private tutor so you don’t stay on Google for hours! 

Done For You

If you are too busy to try all the Pinterest tips, too overwhelmed and tired of figuring things out as you go along and had a bad experience with your website so far, I’m here to turn things around!

Fast Lane

For when you are under pressure on all sides and  just want to get it done already! My special build it live sessions will help you destress, save the day and have you calling the shots #ladyboss style.

In need of tech & design support?

Let’s chat & discover the best ways you can boost your online presence and not letting the tech bits put you off any longer.

Sweet Testimonials

“Eliza is a web designer of difference. She is innovative and productive. What I like most about her is she is sensitive to detail and diligent in making her client happy. With her passion for technology I see her as one of the top leading females in her industry and can vouch for her work ethics anytime because she delivers her integrity with excellence.”

Lola Coker Oni, Cosmopolitan Empire Concierge

I'm Eliza, here is how I work

I am Eliza, business consultant + designer, and I am here to help you with setting up awesome sales systems via your website.

You can shine online even if you are a sensitive creative who feels shy about self promotion.

 I offer an unique combination of strategy + training + execution.

My offers go beyond traditional site development and web design.

I’m all about creating highly customised sales systems for your business that will win the day.

A system that makes it easy, breezy to take action even when life gets busy or you don’t feel motivated.

A system that will move you forward, step by step, to a profitable business that brings you great pride & joy.

And I’ll be acting as your personal cheerleader every step of the way!

Overnight miracle and quick fix? Not here.

Support & Accountability? 100% ! I’ll be here for you, one email & chat away 🙂

Let me help you crush website shame and defeat all your tech & design demons.